What's Usually Done

Most faux furs and many other fabrics are made from acrylic or polyester. Why is that important to you? Because acrylic and polyester are synthetic, man-made fabrics. Essentially these fibers are plastic – and I am sure you have heard what that does to our ocean and environment.

Manufacturing acrylic and polyester fabric involves highly toxic substances, which may be absorbed through skin from clothing. Not to mention that it’s non-breathable and taxing on the environment. It may take “up to 200 years to decompose completely, all the while releasing its chemicals and toxins into the environment.” Read the full analysis here.

Acrylic acid has already been banned from uses in the beauty- and cosmetics industry, due to its negative effects on health. These negative effects are a consequence of prolonged contact with acrylic on skin, which of course occurs when wearing makeup with acryl.  We’re just wondering, when does the fashion industry catch on to the makeup industry?

What We Do

We’re definitely not waiting around for a new EU legislation. We take action now!

Our faux fur is made from the extremely soft, breathable and plant based fabrics. Importantly plant based fabrics aren’t a plastic. 

We use plant based fabrics to produce our garments. Currently we mainly use viscose also known as rayon made from tree fibers. Some fabrics are viscose-blends to ensure perfect fit to the purpose. We are fond of viscose due to its many possibilities and durability.

We are committed to always producing in the most sustainable way available and therefore we are continuously looking into new materials and processing options. At the moment we are excitedly looking into hemp and bamboo, as it looks very promising.